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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Count of Monte Cristo resides in Batangas

How must one feel being arrested at the age of 67 during lunch, and being accused of murder? Yet be best to ask Antonio "Tony" Leviste. You could find it at the headline of the Philippine Daily Inquirer but in case you can't get hold of one here's what's ironic. Tony's gallant but sorry face is at the middle front page of the newspaper, for being accused of murder. While his former wife, Loren Legarda, is at the upper left running for the senate, and being tagged as "sure winners" come election.

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What madness could have taken over him to murder a longtime friend and associate Rafael de las Alas, to stain his name, and to spend retirement in a bitter way?

Sensational as it is. Here is another benchmark in finding out if there is no one above the law in the Philippines. Has lady luck left Tony's side? Frailty has its costs and strikes back with a vengeance.

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