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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rumpelstiltskin prances round my mind

Looking back
A few things were running through my head as the clock approached the eve of a new year. Questions such as; What is the worth of the past year? Were there any circumstances that came to be a turning point to my life? Am I a better person now compared to a year ago? It felt like an examination of conscience, but on a very much lighter manner or approach. Upon doing it, I began to appreciate what the Lord has offered me. It sums up as follows; I got a little more dedicated to my craft, put a halt to a six-year relationship, started writing again, met tremendous people, was nurtured by friends in my lowest ebb, I began to recognize my hearts frailty...

Heading forward
I spent the early days of the year afflicted with colds and drowsiness. My credit statement was nowhere to be found. My dog still trembles from the slightest sound of firecrackers. A shortage of underpants...

What an exciting year ahead. Join me in my journey.
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