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Friday, November 10, 2006

Borat, Billboards, Bryanboy, Blondes and everything in-Between

Kazakhstan's sixth most famous man Borat, came to be no.1 in the US Box-office with the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan on the US-charts.The movie Pinoy Blonde would have achieved the same prestige as Borat if only Mang Pandoy took the lead.
Bryanboy, a Filipino, sparked some controversies on a blog entry he made. It depicts a Brit guy holding a bag and saying Jesus is our fuckin homeboy! Such a confused fellow we should pray for. He even has issues about his name...isn't "Bryangay" more appropriate?
The MMDA(Metro Manila Development Authority) instructed billboard owners to take down their infrastuctures due to the hazards it imposes to motorists. After a few days past the super typhoon Milenio, you could see people taking these billboards down. If you ever pass by EDSA-Guadalupe you'd see the tarps already taken out, while some are neatly rolled down. But the steel frames are still present. Reminder: The tarps are not the one causing extreme damage but the steel frames, don't you think? It's been months....
A you-tube post Jollibee Scandal made JFC(Jollibee Foods Corporation) execs furious when they saw Twirlie and Jollibee mascots seeming to depict sex acts. Finding the employees responsible for the action, they were terminated immediately.
Give the bee a break. He's now on his puberty age and just wants to sow some pollen.
On the brighter side, at least we could now confirm Jollibee's gender.
NBI(The National Bureau of investigation) denies the accusation of giving Charlie Atong Ang a VIP treatment during his arrival. And they got 50 security escorts to prove it.

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