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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Please mister spare us some change

Beggars are a common scene the metro. But as I was strolling amidst the hustle and bustle at the City Hall in Manila, two dogs caught my attention. Mongrels as they are, but they pretty well know how to serve their master. According to few some, they are pets of an old man who has no capacity to feed them no longer. An outreach reality TV show even featured these dogs and the old man.

Is it cruelty to animals?

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The true measure of beauty

Beauty depends on size as well as symmetry. No very small animal can be beautiful, for looking at it takes so small a portion of time that the impression of it will be confused. Nor can any very large one, for a whole view of it cannot be had at once, and so there will be no unity and completeness. Aristotle

I've been working extra efforts to reduce the size of my beer belly. What a struggle to perform sit-ups and crunches. Wait I'd just probably lend the machine a friend bought at a shopping network.

How much time and money do we spend to look good and conform to the standards of beauty? We're immersed in this dog-eat-dog society where we are constantly measured by impressions. And once ruined, there's no chance in taking it back.

Each of us has our own standards on what we may brand as beautiful. But what the media feeds us, is the likes of Anna Nicole-Smith, Barbie, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, etc. From magazines to billboards, everything. However, a local beauty pagent in the Philippines dispelled this definition of beauty by crowning Juliet Chavez, a dumagat as the over-all winner. Due to her success, a short story of her life would be featured on national TV to inspire people and to bridge the gap between the cultural minorities and urban folks. They even granted a scholarship for Juliet. Praises ***$Praises...

An on-going campaign by Dove also gives a twist to it by challenging the public with their opinion on the images they provide by creating polls, discussion boards, to name a few.

Why all the fuss in beauty? One of the reasons is that beauty sells. All these make-ups, slimming tea, asthetic medical treatments, all of them in the market has their fair share in attracting the public to conform with beauty standards they themselves create. Be as appealing as the endorsers. I have an American friend who spends much time on the beach, and much money at tanning salon. When I told him that, here in the Philippines, what sells are whitening soaps, lotions, pills, mostly anything that would turn a brown skin to a lighter tone. He just couldn't understand the reason of it. You guys want to be tan, while some of us wants to be white.

What I think of beauty is the soul of a person. This beauty emits from within. Undeniably something worth to paint not only in a canvas, but also in our hearts.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today I'm yours.
A slave to your command.
A joker at the Kings court.
Noah's white dove.
The priest at the confession box.
A lullaby at night.
A bonfire by the beach.
Cold spring water after a long day.
Favorite pillow.
A shadow.

What else could you ask for?

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Friday, February 09, 2007

The travelling sardine can

Eyes pulsating, heavy head, nearness to yawn or not, tears about to fall(okey that may be too much),are only a few things I experience after office. For me to get home; I ride the Metro Train, most of the time, to head to my destination faster. But everything has its own price to pay. Hence, I'd like to give an overview about my usual experiences each time I aboard the train.
Its starts with purchasing a ticket, if ever you don't have the stored value ticket with you. During rush hours there would be around 20 to 25 people all lined up just to purchase. After purchase, here is where the real battle begins. Before reaching the turnstile, around 120(if you're lucky) to 200 people from work line up to pass thru it. Tiny steps until you reach it. You've got to shove your arms so no one cuts in line. The idiom breathing at your neck becomes an actual act. You need to learn how to comtrol your breathing not to inhale other people's scent, unless you enjoy it as some studies say.When you finally reach the turnstile, you got to open your bag and have it inspected by the guards. The inspections were implemented, since the bombing a few years ago by terrorists.
Upon reaching the platform, you'd be sorrounded by dozens of others waiting for the arrival of the next train. The first couch of the train is reserved for women (we still are a conservative race), elderly, and sick people. So if you're a woman, and lining up at the other couches, it's like granting a rape for all pass. Not that we deliberately bump women, but when the pushing and shoving escalates we're mere pawns to the moving crowd. You could enter the train without your will when this happens. A friend told me once that she felt like a top spinning as the crowd pushed thru the train doors. Once inside the train, the only space that separates you with the other is an inch or so breathing space. So if you're not lucky enough, you'd end up sniffing the nape of the one in front of you. What's worse is when you accidently brush your body, or arms to a sweaty fellow alongside. Worst is, you're literally leaning to another sweaty guy with body odor. Reminds me of a scene in the movie, Along came Polly, wherein Ben Stillers face got rubbed to his opponent's sweaty and hairy chest at a basketball game. The world in slow motion as you shiver and try to forget such incident. Then he smiles at you. The prick just smiled. Meaning to say he deliberately wants you to catch his sweat. The chattering of the people continues...
As each station pass, the crowd thins up and you'd begin to feel the cold air from the aircon. The drama is there's always hope in every situation. When you alight the train, you'd feel such great accomplishment having to go through all those mishaps.
Wait. What's that smell? Oh its my almost dry sleeve rubbed at another sweaty guy. I can't smell this way when I ride a cab home? Hell, yeah!

Thanks for the support I'm the 390th blogger at blogtoplist.com. Never thought anybody reads my stuff.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Count of Monte Cristo resides in Batangas

How must one feel being arrested at the age of 67 during lunch, and being accused of murder? Yet be best to ask Antonio "Tony" Leviste. You could find it at the headline of the Philippine Daily Inquirer but in case you can't get hold of one here's what's ironic. Tony's gallant but sorry face is at the middle front page of the newspaper, for being accused of murder. While his former wife, Loren Legarda, is at the upper left running for the senate, and being tagged as "sure winners" come election.

View full story

What madness could have taken over him to murder a longtime friend and associate Rafael de las Alas, to stain his name, and to spend retirement in a bitter way?

Sensational as it is. Here is another benchmark in finding out if there is no one above the law in the Philippines. Has lady luck left Tony's side? Frailty has its costs and strikes back with a vengeance.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Don't read this

I got really nothing interesting to blog about. So I'm having a hard time thinking about a topic (there goes my creativity). I've been into this free MMORPG game r-fate, and since then, it took all my attention and social life away. But I had a few good times this past week or so. We dined at Bellinis Italian Restaurant and enjoyed their exquisite food. Located at the Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao. The ambience is Italian, with a few traces of Filipino (autographed plates, table cloths, to name a few). Italians really love to eat. Their serving are intentionally made for a group. So in order not to order food we could not finish, we decided just to order Bellinis Special Pizza and their House iced tea. The pizza was incomparable to other commercial pizzas, it has a personal homey taste. Makes you think they really spent sometime preparing it. If you like it quite spicy, they got an olive oil containing spices to pour at your pizza. Mouthwatering as I'm banging the keyboard and just reminiscing the experience. I've dined at a few Italian restos and it always makes me worry what happens to my stomach after all those sour servings. But with Bellinis, it's not too sour, I assure you it's something your twiddle tummy could manage and your taste buds would certainly enjoy. Their house iced tea is a drink I'll never forget in this lifetime. It's superb. Believe me. When you order drinks, this is a must! We ended the experience with a shot of complimentary red wine. BAM! This must be a dream. Come the cost of the experience? Let's say you probably need only a couple of hundred or so for each person. It's so cheap compared to other restos or pizza place at that. Quote me on this, go to Bellinis if ever you get to stoll at Cubao to watch live PBA or shop at Gateway. It's an experience worth a lifetime.

For a minute, I think my RPG character is in a battle. See you guys!

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