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Friday, February 02, 2007

Don't read this

I got really nothing interesting to blog about. So I'm having a hard time thinking about a topic (there goes my creativity). I've been into this free MMORPG game r-fate, and since then, it took all my attention and social life away. But I had a few good times this past week or so. We dined at Bellinis Italian Restaurant and enjoyed their exquisite food. Located at the Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao. The ambience is Italian, with a few traces of Filipino (autographed plates, table cloths, to name a few). Italians really love to eat. Their serving are intentionally made for a group. So in order not to order food we could not finish, we decided just to order Bellinis Special Pizza and their House iced tea. The pizza was incomparable to other commercial pizzas, it has a personal homey taste. Makes you think they really spent sometime preparing it. If you like it quite spicy, they got an olive oil containing spices to pour at your pizza. Mouthwatering as I'm banging the keyboard and just reminiscing the experience. I've dined at a few Italian restos and it always makes me worry what happens to my stomach after all those sour servings. But with Bellinis, it's not too sour, I assure you it's something your twiddle tummy could manage and your taste buds would certainly enjoy. Their house iced tea is a drink I'll never forget in this lifetime. It's superb. Believe me. When you order drinks, this is a must! We ended the experience with a shot of complimentary red wine. BAM! This must be a dream. Come the cost of the experience? Let's say you probably need only a couple of hundred or so for each person. It's so cheap compared to other restos or pizza place at that. Quote me on this, go to Bellinis if ever you get to stoll at Cubao to watch live PBA or shop at Gateway. It's an experience worth a lifetime.

For a minute, I think my RPG character is in a battle. See you guys!

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