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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shooting stars

It was 11:30pm and my eyes were so droopy from the sleep I need. I usually tumble and turn in bed to find that perfect position to make me relaxed and lead me to a good night sleep, but not not that evening. As soon as my back hit the bed, I felt relaxed and my mind began to wander. Half-asleep half-awake, with eyes closed, I saw a figure of an old man in kamisa chino and khakis, ten feet away from me. He was strolling in pitch darkness relaxed in his every stride. I began to wonder what makes this old man enjoy his strolling? Little by little he began to leave me behind. His relaxed mood was so infectious that I wanted to know this old man. So I decided to approach him to resolve my curiosity. As I was closing the gap between him, I realised that I know this old man! He's my Uncle Simeon. I inched my way closer to him untl we were face to face. I asked where was he going? He just gave me an honest endearing look. I decided to open my eyes, grabbed my phone and consult the time. Only a couple of minutes after I laid down. I logged the time on my phone and prayed for my Uncle until I slept.
The following morning at breakfast, I old the story to my parents. My father's eyes were sad as they listened in awe, for they've been visiting uncle Simeon at the hospital for quite sometime now and was getting worse day by day. I'm not that type of person who bottles up things that's playing on my head so I blurted it out,"Papa, I think uncle Simeon may already be dead. I may be wrong, which should be much better. But I hope you won't get mad at me by saying it this early." He nearly choke to his food and just nodded. My mama was close to tears.
At the office I received an emergency call from my mama informing me that uncle Simeon passed away last night at around 10:30 in the evening.
Like a shooting star– it comes without warning. Glace at its beauty for a few seconds and it's gone. My condolences...
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