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Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas cheer

The breeze this morning made me realise that Chrismas is getting closer. The anticipation is slowly builds up my excitement each day. At the office, Alvin and the Chipmuks' Christmas carols are blaring at our speakers.

When I was much younger, our family used to go shopping at Cubao and be spectators of C.O.D.'s Christmas presentation held at their facade during the evenings. Parents and kids of all ages watch in awe. We attend mass an hour before Christmas, wearing new clothes. And when Media Noche(12a.m. of Christmas day) culminates, my cousins and I, hold on to the biggest box of gift given to us, and open it at the same time.

Now, our family has a new reason anticipating Christmas, for my sister and her husband, now from Caticlan, takes a vacation at Manila. We scour through the tiangges of Greenhills and Tutuban, from the morning 'til our feet are sore.

Being with my family is the best gift I always get from God during Christmas. And nothing makes me feel complete than having my family seating at our small round table eating to our heart's content.

P.S.: Dear Santa, if ever you're reading this blog, I've been a good boy this whole year. Hope you grant my wish...
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