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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Seasonal delusions

It's three days before Christmas and I haven't heard yet if my boss has already approved of my vacation leave. See, I got plans. Yes, same things I do during ordinary days: eat, sleep, tv, be drunk and hopefully get laid. So you're thinking "What the hell is so special about taking a vacation leave from work this season?" Aside from doing it for a week straight I got buffers to back up those wicked habits. I imagine lying on the sofa, half-sleep half-awake, a slight hang over inkling while Conan O'Brien babble replays cranks to catch my attention. That's a good vacation. C'mon judge me. Boring? Perhaps. But I easily get satisfied with simple things in life, as long as I'm with people I truly dear. Could Christmas pass without a wishlist? Here are mine...
Mon's holiday (delusional)wishlist
10. A Nora Aunor shirt (signed is optional)
9. A chance to throw Howard Stern over the San Juanico Bridge
8. A beat role in one of Roi Vinzons movie
7. Have a Mark Wahlberg physique one morning when I wake up
6. A night with Miss USA Tara Conner together with the whole enchilada
5. Be the new replacement of Rob Thomas for Matchbox 20
4. A prayer for Vanilla Coke to be back
3. I'd like to live the life of Vince Chase
2. Lifetime free hot cappuccino+caramel at Starbucks
1. Have a life worth blogging about
Whatever our wishes are. Whoever we may be with this season. I hope you guys enjoy it and be a festive memorable time for all of us.
Have a merry Christmas.
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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Destinations in the metro

We dropped by a couple of days ago to (possibly) purchase Havaianas flip-flops. But due to the small space of their boutique, one needs to fall in line in order to get in and choose what they want. The cheapest I heard is 700php, while other designs may reach 1200php and above. I was headed home and crossed paths with a kid selling newspapers at busses and saw his Bantex with holes at its soles.
Equation: 1 Havaianas=14 Bantex
Destination:168 Shopping Mall
Purchased gift items and haggled with its Chinese owners. Decent yet cheap, and I consider it a steal. Everything in one roof. From fake Centrums, iPod with a weird apple logo, soccer jerseys, plastic faucets, large snout Lacoste, and an interpreter in case the Chinese owner never understand a thing you say. The huge crowd made our bodies feel like we just came from a wrestling match. Hey, is that a DVD over there......
Destination: Metrowalk Ortigas
It was a concert event thrown by Winston Cigarrette on a Friday night. All these yuppies surround the area. Beer was overflowing at the scene. Beautiful women were part of the crowd. Carlsberg promodizers left me in awe just staring at them. The scene was right. Everybody seems to have a blast that night, except for one person. Guess who?

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Usual Tales

On his way home, Optimistic can't stand not to smile and be proud of himself. After all, her daughter, Nightlife, was about to finish college. It was all planned out from the very beginning...

Optimistic and Hesitation, her wife, strived during their early years just to have a stable day-to-day life. When Hesitation gave birth to Nightlife, Optimistic proclaimed that her daughter would be the next barrio doctor. Everyone who knew Optimistic was so excited, for the words coming from his mouth, was hard as oak. Hesitation always warned Optimistic to watch his words carefully and not to loudmouth his plans. But Optimistic was so proud of Nightlife that for every achievement Nightlife acquires, he brags about it during his drinking binges with the townsfolk.

Nightlife was unlike the other kids. She was below average. Although her comprehension was low, she was beautiful and soft spoken. Her hair was gold as cornhair while her eyes were blue as the ocean during the summer afternoons. The respect that people has for Optimistic, was carried on to her. Thus being favorable to her peers and teachers. When she came to age, flocks of men awaited at her doorstep, hoping to swoon her by giving expensive gifts, letters, jewelry, and fine arts. But she already had an eye on someone–Goodtime.

Not long enough Nightlife and Goodtime spent most of their time together. Goodtime relying on allowances provided by Luckily, her mother, used his money on wine, and a few misadventures with women. This he was proud to tell his friends. Nightlife knew those stories were true, but Goodtime promised her that he would change his ways. She believed.

A few months later, after countless unprotected sex and sleepless nights under the same roof, Nightlife got pregnant unexpectedly. She knew Optimistic would raise her hell so she kept quiet about her pregnancy. What's more, she dropped from school always to be with Goodtime.
When Goodtime learned about her situation, he promised her marriage to support the child. But after a couple of days, Goodtime was nowhere to be found. Leaving Nightlife miserable.
How would she explain it to Optimistic? Surely, their well-respected family would be the laughing stock of all town. And today is the day where she must inform her parents about her dilemma...

Hearing the news straight from the horse's mouth crushed Optimistic's heart. All his expectations went down the drain. While Hesitation broke in short sobs that seemingly shorthens her breathing...

Frustration crept their home. They vow their heads in attempt not to attract attention to others when they leave the house. Frustration is the new friend their family never wanted.

Whose fault was it anyways? Optimistic for making plans for Nightlife's good future? Hesitation who was always quiet about the situation? Or was it Nightlife's for falling in-love with the wrong man?
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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Untitled 3

Bittersweet arpeggios from Niccollo Paganini's violin:
We danced naked on the damp bare grass.
Feet sensitive from its coldness.
Waltzing amidst the fast moving earth.
Haunting Prelude by Bach in D minor:
Sitting at the confession box I rocked my body
back and forth. Hands tied back.
Eyes covered sensitivity doubles.
Prancing to Vivaldi's Summer:
Descending from the heaven's
A chariot of fire incised the clouds.
Driven by a golden haired woman
Left aghast from her laughter.
Capricho Arabe on Tarrega's guitar string:
Warm breeze after a Sunday mass.
The baby rests its head at the woman's bosom.
Woman serenely closes her eyes smelling a rose.
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Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Reign

As my queen renounced her throne.
Diamond tears filled sleep.
She said she had enough,
took enough hurt from me.
She held fire but she felt pain.
This kingdom would never be the same.
Save me from my falling reign.
For our royal vows would still be same.
Shower me with your scent.
Be still my breath until my death.
Burn this hate filled castle!
Bury the scepter in this heart!
Stone me to death, black and blue!
Smitten. Naked. Blessed.
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