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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's Alive

After a long hiatus, I finally came plunging on this keyboard with lots of things running around my mind. Had tons of work the last half of the year, In other words-busy. Hey that's no excuse for a blogger! Yep its not. But truly I was.

The tale starts with me now being the father of an adorable fourteen month old son, and a husband of a very caring wife. Life turns around a 180 degrees when the void in life is filled. You get inspired, assertive, and at times nervous. I'm also struggling to bring back to life the magazine I started, Graphikapinoymag, but it's really a lot of work to handle all alone. Naah, the commitments will always be the same. But I'm still setting my eyes publishing stuff that would benefit even the most common person. I've got a few ideas in the bag. And if any one's interested to do the funding we could sit and talk.

Enough biz talk and let's see what's in stored this 2009 at Hazy Reality.
I'd be discussing personal growth, philosophers, art and design, and probably a few software tutorials. So let's welcome the year of the Ox with open arms and start the year with a positive attitude.

I'd be leaving you with a vid of my son Gabriel riding a mechanical car, or whatever you might want to call it. Me and Claire (my wife) were so proud of him. He was just 10 months old when this was shot.

'Til then and who knows? I might throw in podcasts once in awhile. Ciao.

First Ride - Click here for more amazing videos

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