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Monday, May 28, 2007

Can't take it much longer

Are you above the law?

On my recent blog about Tony Leviste being imprisoned for killing a long time friend was recently released. Click here to read the full story. He was welcomed with cheers and yellow ribbons tied to the doors of the LPL building where he went after being dischanged. Leviste claimed that politics was behind the murder charged against him. Whatever the case may be, he's free and can return to his usual things in life. Alas! All the money can buy in a third world country such as ours. But it's nothing new to Filipinos. We're so used to it doesn't matter anymore if it's right or wrong. We need to enforce our justice system and be vigilant citizens! I'm posting a shoutout from this blog as a sign of appeal to all to be better citizens of this tormented country.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Aside from adjusting with my new job and the election fever is slowly turning cold, I've got not much to say. However, a lot of things is going through my life personally which I won't write about yet ( I fear I might jinx it), though I assure I'd write about it in a few more months.
I'm sure it's not only me who adjusts, but my colleagues as well. I noticed they perceive me as a serious type of person that doesn't enjoy life. LOL. I don't care. In fact I enjoy it. It's like a mask that gives me a different perception towards myself and others. Maybe they think of me ala-Cho Seung-Hui. LOL. The only bullets that may hit them sometime is probably my sharp words!
Before I park my pen (mouse or whatever,) I'd like to thank you guys for adding me to your links and reading this blog of sorts. Wish more power to, Danielle! Bless us all.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gotta leave

Sorry for not being able to post the past week. A week ago, I decided to leave my previous employer, and boy, was it so hard parting ways with established friends whom I treated as my second family. I miss those cigarette breaks and slumbering during break time. My friends were always there through thick and thin. And I can't thank them enough, especially my boss and his wife. Thinking of those fond memories and not seeing them anymore felt like I broke up from a relationship. The only thing that makes me happy is I certainly know that I got friends. Money has its own price to pay indeed. Thank you QDP, Apple, Marathon. Good luck to all of us. Adios!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Countdown to extinction

"One hour from now
Another species of life form
Will disappear off the face of the planet forever
And the rate is accelerating"
This has nothing to do with Dave Mustaine's song. Sorry if the title mislead you in any way. I'd be leaving my job soon and as of this moment am turning over my tasks to my peers. Leaving this job seems harder than I expected. After years in my job, I already established good relationship with my boss, more so, my fellow employees. But I need to move on with my career and grow further on. Writing the resignation letter wasn't half as hard as staring at your friends eyes and thinking if ever you'd see them again. All those questions they ask me blatantly makes my heart heavier and heavier. I could never forget these supportive fellows. All of them would always be a part of my life and have a space in my heart. Good luck to us all!

Steve Jobs finally gave way to our green my apple campaign and directed new policies to adhere to our "requests." This only goes to show that Steve Jobs and the Apple team are truly reading their mail and lending their ears. Cheers to Greenpeace. Cheers to China and India!

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