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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Aside from adjusting with my new job and the election fever is slowly turning cold, I've got not much to say. However, a lot of things is going through my life personally which I won't write about yet ( I fear I might jinx it), though I assure I'd write about it in a few more months.
I'm sure it's not only me who adjusts, but my colleagues as well. I noticed they perceive me as a serious type of person that doesn't enjoy life. LOL. I don't care. In fact I enjoy it. It's like a mask that gives me a different perception towards myself and others. Maybe they think of me ala-Cho Seung-Hui. LOL. The only bullets that may hit them sometime is probably my sharp words!
Before I park my pen (mouse or whatever,) I'd like to thank you guys for adding me to your links and reading this blog of sorts. Wish more power to, Danielle! Bless us all.

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  At 7:43 AM Blogger Danielle said:
You are so sweet and I definitely need more power wished my way.

As always wishing you well.

Enjoy the day.