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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bang bang, Baby!

A tragedy shocked and brought grief to the hearts of the world as Cho Seung-Hui, 23, a South Korean student of Virginia Tech, open fired at the Norris Hall, ending 33 lives including his own. Before the tragedy, few students even joked around that one day this guy may come to school packed with guns and shoot them one after the other. It turned out to be not a laughing matter anymore as the incident occured. Her teacher even stated that Cho Seung-Hui's writings and plays[Richard McBeef, Mr. Brownstone] were violent in nature. If she noticed that, did she in anyway seek guidance for this student? According to those who survived, all they remember was the bursts of fire aimed at them. Upon the magazine emptying, he just reached to his pocket and fired again.

We should condemn such and fight such incidents! The school should be a place of peace and learning. It should be the second home for these kids yearning to learn and achieve a better future thru education. My condolences to the bereaved family and friends of the victims of this sad tragedy.

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  At 8:14 PM Blogger me said:
Hi there,

did u really mean to say condone? please review your post as this may cause some violent reactions. To condone means to approve, encourage, pardon or forgive (an offense).You can look up the word if u want.

i hope you meant to say CONDEMN.
  At 12:08 PM Blogger Danielle said:
I also wrote of the tragedy and agree with you that more could have been done to help this disturbed young man that could have prevented this violence.

Be well and enjoy the day
Hey thanks for noticing that "major" flaw. It's great to have a reader who lends a hand. Again thanks and sorry for those who was mislead by this major mistake. My apologies.
  At 6:38 AM Blogger giona79 said:
Sorry to write here, but I can NOT find the comment button in the next post: "GREENER APPLE".

I really love your designs. Why don't you post them in the Greenmyapple Flickr Group?