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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Children in a bus hostaged

Will idealism kill?

Armando "Jun" Ducat Jr., owner of a day-care center and entrepeneur, hostaged 26 kids and 4 tutors in a bus during a field trip [read the full story]. A magical mystery tour as he packed his UZI, a 45- caliber pistol, and a grenade. What's ironic was that the hostages didn't seem to fear Armando. His neighbors supported his cause and even held a short protest rally. What's the demand?
"Ducat had demanded support for the education of at least 145 school children of the Musmos Daycare and improved housing for them and their families."
A pathetic cause for a hostage undertaking. However, in a third world country such as the Philippines, attaining a "higher education" is a privilege. Some might percieve Armando's actions to be worthy. But come to think of it, most Filipinos, graduates or undergraduates alike, resort working abroad due to low employment options, but that's another story. He requested Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla (in the hero costume in the picture), whom he has close ties with to listen to him and act as the negotiator. Hmmm. Just like a movie.
After 10 hours or drama. It was finally over. Ducat was apprehended and possibly be sentenced for life imprisonment.

Armando's Famous last words:

"...if they were educated they would have discipline and would not become drug addicts.”
“I am appealing to you to give me a chance to speak. You are witnesses to the political dynasties, the rampant stealing in government. Because of this, our dream of progress for the country will not be realized,”
“Aren’t we ashamed of ourselves? We are a country who believes in God and yet we are ungodly in our actions,”
“President Arroyo is fighting corruption, we should unite with her!”

I need not expound on similar things Armando did in the past. What I'd like to point out is this: education is truly a primary problem in this country and let's find better ways to address this issue.

I have an idea! Why not ask Oprah Winfrey for help? She seems to be generous enough to the needy? Why not a public library on a third world country such as ours? Where knowledge would just be a step away? Will this summoning reach her or fall on deaf ears? What do you think?

I sorrow...

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