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Monday, January 22, 2007

iPhone craze

I had the opportunity this morning to watch Steve Jobs launch Apple's newest baby, the iPhone, and Apple TV, at Macworld, via streaming video. I won't bother to write something about the apple TV, doesn't interest me quite a bit. It's still basically the same TV, same shows-same content. Why bother? I'm not a big tech fun, however when something this big comes along, it's pretty outrageous not to take a closer look at it. I was fascinated with the noise it garnered everywhere. And I mean every where: RSS Feeds, blogs, TV, etc. If you came from the ends of the earth and have no idea on what I'm blabbing about, it's as simple as these: iPod, cellphone, OSX widgets and software, 2MB camera, Safari web browser (I hope they placed an option for the Firefox), all rolled into one. What's fascinating is the way you scroll...Wait a minute. I'm a few inches away from being considered an iPhone salesman prick. Bummer. Just go to their site and watch the Keynote address and the iPhone introduction then get back to this blog. Whew.

So okey these guys created, yet again, a new and fascinating handheld device to cater to everyones fast phased lifestyle, with vanity in consideration, I think it looks pretty well. What a fortune it would cost coming from Apple? My jaw dropped. It just costs $499 for a 4G unit and $599 for an 8G unit. So cheap considering its capabilities. The iPod costs around $399 according to them. So when iPhone comes out, the hundred dollar difference would certainly affect the sales of the iPod. I think, probably, the iPod would be so much cheaper when iPhone is already in the market. Ola!

Here's something to think about. There's a reason why some of the other manufacturers didn't lean on the scroll touch screen and still settled for the old school keypad or stylus(wyuck!As Jobs placed it), it's because, the typical phone keypad is "user friendly" even to visually impaired people. Ok the touch screen emits the standard sound for the numbers(sorry I dunno what it's called), but is that the be all end all in the tech path?

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