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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Thank you for sharing your time
For lending your ear during my distressful moments
For being patient with my mood swings
For tucking me warm and away from insecurities

Thank you for the countless bottles of beer
For the round the clock text messages of sweet nothings
For confiding your secrets while shedding a few tears
For taking the effort to show at my doorstep chirpy

Thank you giving me a second look
For making my nights preoccupied by your scent
For making me appreciate what I have
For showing me another chapter of my shrewdness and bull-headedness

Thank you for the wound you afflicted me
For opening my eyes from the hazy reality world of mine
For taking an extra effort for us to be back together
For swallowing your precious pride

I thank myself for not giving up
For trying to look at the brighter side
For not losing hope in life
For being alive.

Thank you. Thank me. Thank all.
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