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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Seasonal delusions

It's three days before Christmas and I haven't heard yet if my boss has already approved of my vacation leave. See, I got plans. Yes, same things I do during ordinary days: eat, sleep, tv, be drunk and hopefully get laid. So you're thinking "What the hell is so special about taking a vacation leave from work this season?" Aside from doing it for a week straight I got buffers to back up those wicked habits. I imagine lying on the sofa, half-sleep half-awake, a slight hang over inkling while Conan O'Brien babble replays cranks to catch my attention. That's a good vacation. C'mon judge me. Boring? Perhaps. But I easily get satisfied with simple things in life, as long as I'm with people I truly dear. Could Christmas pass without a wishlist? Here are mine...
Mon's holiday (delusional)wishlist
10. A Nora Aunor shirt (signed is optional)
9. A chance to throw Howard Stern over the San Juanico Bridge
8. A beat role in one of Roi Vinzons movie
7. Have a Mark Wahlberg physique one morning when I wake up
6. A night with Miss USA Tara Conner together with the whole enchilada
5. Be the new replacement of Rob Thomas for Matchbox 20
4. A prayer for Vanilla Coke to be back
3. I'd like to live the life of Vince Chase
2. Lifetime free hot cappuccino+caramel at Starbucks
1. Have a life worth blogging about
Whatever our wishes are. Whoever we may be with this season. I hope you guys enjoy it and be a festive memorable time for all of us.
Have a merry Christmas.
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