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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Destinations in the metro

We dropped by a couple of days ago to (possibly) purchase Havaianas flip-flops. But due to the small space of their boutique, one needs to fall in line in order to get in and choose what they want. The cheapest I heard is 700php, while other designs may reach 1200php and above. I was headed home and crossed paths with a kid selling newspapers at busses and saw his Bantex with holes at its soles.
Equation: 1 Havaianas=14 Bantex
Destination:168 Shopping Mall
Purchased gift items and haggled with its Chinese owners. Decent yet cheap, and I consider it a steal. Everything in one roof. From fake Centrums, iPod with a weird apple logo, soccer jerseys, plastic faucets, large snout Lacoste, and an interpreter in case the Chinese owner never understand a thing you say. The huge crowd made our bodies feel like we just came from a wrestling match. Hey, is that a DVD over there......
Destination: Metrowalk Ortigas
It was a concert event thrown by Winston Cigarrette on a Friday night. All these yuppies surround the area. Beer was overflowing at the scene. Beautiful women were part of the crowd. Carlsberg promodizers left me in awe just staring at them. The scene was right. Everybody seems to have a blast that night, except for one person. Guess who?

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