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Monday, January 15, 2007


A woman walking across the sidewalk saw a guy heading her way. They suddenly stare at each other’s eyes; hearts skipped faster, and breathe fell shorter. The world stood still as they face each other, like a coyote staring at its fresh meat prey. Without holding back, they let go of their emotions and passionately kissed.

This is a common scenario on film or at any boob tube toothpaste ad. It’s unexpectedly meeting a person waltzing towards you and sweeping you off your feet. A connection neither of you could explain. Simply put: she’s the one you’ve been waiting for, all your life. Your soulmate.

I would no longer delve deeper to the spiritual side of it. So I posted at the bottom other sites that tackle more on that subject. What I would like to babble about is the bliss we get from it. For those of you who hate mushy stuff, prepare to squirm.

I get to have the privilege of being a part of a few outstanding relationships. On the course of these relationships, especially during the first few months, I feel like I’m walking through air and can achieve anything I wish for. When I indulge in an activity with my partner and stare into her eyes, it’s as sweet as honey poured to an apple. This elation makes me presume that, maybe she’s the one I’ve been waiting for all my life. The one to bring happiness to my existence. How could I be so lucky.

Until differences arise. Why am I stuck in this relationship? How could she do this to me? A once gift from above is now a fallen angel sent by Lucifer from the deepest cavities of hell to bring me misery and dismay.

Okay that may be too much, but it’s close to it, depending on your present emotional state.

Long ago, I had a chance to get together with a good friend Keisha(of course not her real name, what do you expect?) for how many years I could no longer recall. Keisha and I, were good friends during our college days, and enjoyed each others company and went out once in a blue moon. I “believe” we have a mutual understanding of our feelings towards each other. We were both into different but wonderful relationships, so we never had the chance to have a relationship. All those years apart when she pops to my head, I can’t help but wonder, what if we were made for each other? What if we had a relationship? I was certain she was my soulmate. All what ifs…

Time really flies fast. After a few years she married but unfortunately separated. I myself had a couple of long tedious relationships as well, which didn’t end quite well.

After all those years of no communication from each other I found the nerve to ask her out. Don’t get me wrong here. If you read pretty well we were really good friends, and I won’t ruin it to give way to raging hormones. We were both mending broken hearts when I tried to ask her out. Had a few drinks and reminisce about the past. Catching up.

Funny thing is, we grew our own separate ways. Ideals, manners, beliefs, were no longer common. Wisdom and age taught us a lot of things about people and life. We were two different people that once had a good thing coming, now trying to decipher each others thoughts. It was a complete turn a round from all thoughts I had about her. But the friendship never changed and we still had a good time.

The thought of having soulmates on my opinion, is just a state of elation wherein, we want to define the love that we feel and give it a greater and a more special meaning. The concept of having a soulmate is the cure for lonely hearts. An assurance that there is a person out there who will appreciate us the way we are. The better part is, we get to appreciate them back, for they fit all the qualifications we’re looking for. When we get the opportunity to cross paths with our greatest love, we regard it with finality that we’ve already found our soulmate. We’re willing to endure everything for this greatest love. Hurt seems to have a notch higher in tolerance. As long as our hearts found its right place with someone we consider our soulmate.

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