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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ma Mon Luk this time

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES- I had a chance to eat again at one of my fave restos in the city, Ma Mon Luk Restaurant. Their remaining brach is at Banawe, Quezon Avenue. And I can't help but reminisce on my childhood.

Before the boom of the fastfood industry, our family used to dine frequently at Ma Mon Luk Restaurant after shopping at Cubao (which was the in place during the 80's) . I could still see myself sitting on the high chair anticipating for my siopao and enjoying the aroma of the place. While the waiters and bus boys swiftly pass by the aisles to accomodate more diners. How large are the glasses I thought they were but its the other way around. I got small hands that's what it is. When I came back there during my teens, they are still the same people who served me when I was younger. Probably the owner has a good heart for his people to stick with him.

Countless times have Ma Mon Luk been featured by the media. In their walls you'd find ancient articles about the restaurant. Their noodles and dumplings have the same ol' taste as when I was a kid. At the other side of the table I saw a family which reminded me of the times when we dined in Ma Mon Luk together. Man how quickly do they eat! I savored each sip I took from the soup. Each bite of the siopao is so tasty. Moneys worth in this place. Hey don't I deserve a free meal for this blog?

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I as looking for info on Ma Mon Luk since I just had lunch at Asian Noodles in Glendale California. They claim to be directly connected to Ma Mon Luk in the Philippines. Of course, my wife (an American) and I had the mami which I haven't had in a few years and it was pretty good.

Not sure why I posted that. Just thought I'd say hi. From Burbank California (but born in Manila).
  At 3:33 AM Blogger chubs said:
i like ma mon luk, too. it's actually a family treat. i remember there used to be a ma mon luk in katipunan (or was it there, i forget) when i was a kid. but i there are no news about what happened to the company a few years back, why it vanished (almost) all of a sudden. i heard there were struggles between family members when mr. Ma died but that's all gossip. do you have any idea?