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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Countdown to extinction

"One hour from now
Another species of life form
Will disappear off the face of the planet forever
And the rate is accelerating"
This has nothing to do with Dave Mustaine's song. Sorry if the title mislead you in any way. I'd be leaving my job soon and as of this moment am turning over my tasks to my peers. Leaving this job seems harder than I expected. After years in my job, I already established good relationship with my boss, more so, my fellow employees. But I need to move on with my career and grow further on. Writing the resignation letter wasn't half as hard as staring at your friends eyes and thinking if ever you'd see them again. All those questions they ask me blatantly makes my heart heavier and heavier. I could never forget these supportive fellows. All of them would always be a part of my life and have a space in my heart. Good luck to us all!

Steve Jobs finally gave way to our green my apple campaign and directed new policies to adhere to our "requests." This only goes to show that Steve Jobs and the Apple team are truly reading their mail and lending their ears. Cheers to Greenpeace. Cheers to China and India!

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  At 1:58 PM Blogger Danielle said:
Woo Hoo for a Greener Apple. I sent a message off to Jobs when I heard of the campaign. It just goes to show that the more of a noise we make the inevitability of someone listening is increased.

Be well and enjoy the day.