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Monday, May 28, 2007

Can't take it much longer

Are you above the law?

On my recent blog about Tony Leviste being imprisoned for killing a long time friend was recently released. Click here to read the full story. He was welcomed with cheers and yellow ribbons tied to the doors of the LPL building where he went after being dischanged. Leviste claimed that politics was behind the murder charged against him. Whatever the case may be, he's free and can return to his usual things in life. Alas! All the money can buy in a third world country such as ours. But it's nothing new to Filipinos. We're so used to it doesn't matter anymore if it's right or wrong. We need to enforce our justice system and be vigilant citizens! I'm posting a shoutout from this blog as a sign of appeal to all to be better citizens of this tormented country.

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