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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Eli Roth's Hostel

What a way to start the month and end a weekend with a movie. So I decided to grab a copy of Eli Roth's Hostel. The OBB was in the typical Tarantino style wherein it makes one anticipate the whole movie. It starts with these three backpackers traveling to different countries to ease have a taste of women and good life. In one of their travels they get to meet an average guy who showed them a photo of of him engaging in an orgy. He informs that these women are from Slovakia and are always in search for men and would easily fall for them especially for Americans. So off they went to Slovakia. Where they're dicks point to... that's where they're heading.

At the hostel in Slovakia, they met gorgeous women whom after having a drinking binge engaged with them in casual sex. The next day, one of them was missing. Then the following day another. Until the lead ends up in a hole where dismemberment is performed in each room. Unfortunately he became a captive in one of these rooms. And escapes.

What a bore.

Pardon me Eli Roth, but it really sucked. Okay, the focus on the characters was good because the viewers would get to think that one guy is the lead but end up decapitated in the middle of the film. Switching to the other guy who ends up escaping death and getting revenge by handing a bagful of candy to dangerous street kids. It was so pathetic.

I felt sorry for this movie, and so should you.

Runtime: 94 min / Philippines:93 min (cut) of my time was robbed from me.
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