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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Search

7:45 am
My Apartment

I can't believe this is happening to me. Fifteen minutes more and I'm about to say goodbye to my 8th job. Human resource just served me my final straw and they're more than willing to cut me loose if ever I get late again. I know. Their eyes seem to peer on ever move and decision that I make. Probably they're….

I just placed it here somewhere…..
On the coffee table? None.
Underneath the stacks of magazine? Hmmm… None.
Where the hell it may be?

…just waiting for me to make a wrong move and BAM…

did I left it at Kate's' place? No I don't think so, Still used it last night.
A-ha! No. It's impossible that I'd get it flushed down the drain? Could it?
My bag…Nope. Nothing in here…

…they'd fire me with all their might…

I think it's in these bookshelves….shit!
Where could have I placed it?
Calm down. Calm down. You won't be able to think clearly when you're too agitated.
Last thing I recall, I locked my doors and placed it some….where.
The hell! Got to get to the office without it or I'd be late…

Office. 20 minutes late

Yup there's no need to hurry…
I'd take my time to smell the roses and again bid farewell to this job.
How could I get so…..

Office, Human Resource department

"We already gave you our final warning and you didn't seem to take it seriously.” she tried to be as professional as possible with her tone. "So I regret to say that your services are no longer required in this company."

" I know this I coming." I replied.
"So why this consistency…on being late? I may also be a friend, you know."
" Cut me some slack. I've been searching for my eyeglasses the whole morning and before I know it I lost track of time. You know I'm blind as a bat when I got no glasses on."
"I see."
"So I decided to come to work even without them…and here I am being fired."
"Without them?"
"Yes without them."
"Well, maybe there's one place you didn't search?"
"And where?" she's beginning to annoy me…
"Looked in the mirror?"
What would it be doing in the mirror?" Hah!
"Well have you tried to look in between your eyes and above your nose bridge?"

I placed my fingers at my eyes and it was there….
All the while it was there…
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