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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

If I was Orpheus

If I was Orpheus, I’ll take you with me.
In a realm you’d be enchanted and feel free.
I’d wrap you with my serene voice and comfort you til eternity.
I’d close your eyes and offer a different reality.
Your ears would be a slave to every note of my lyre.
Your thirst would be quenched with just a smile.
Together we’ll travel it may take awhile,
To seek new sounds and some different style.

If I was Orpheus, I’ll take you with me.
And chain your heart for only me you’d see.
A resonant minuet named after you,
A natural courtship only my music could do.
Feel the harmony coming from my soul?
Will give you heat and never feel cold.
These nylon strings my fingers crept
And touched those who hears and so they wept.

But I’m no Orpheus as you can see.
I’m just your mere Eurydice.
Orpheus it’s who you are for me
And I won’t mind being your Eurydice.
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