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Monday, October 02, 2006


I woke up before her and saw the first ray of light hit her curled lashes. It glistened like corn hair against her deep eyes. Her long auburn hair rests upon her freckled bare shoulders. I ran my fingers above her pale red lips toward her ear. Then my hands made its way to her contoured cold back. It’s as smooth as an old brandy rushing thru my throat during lonely evenings. Her perfume and stale wine still filled the room even from last night. I took her small hand and held it with both of mine and brushed it on my cheek, kissed it tenderly and placed it over my heart hoping it would awaken her. There was no response. I tried to contain my tears but few I can’t hold longer. I rested my head over her chest, and stared blankly. Every moment elapsing the more I held her hands tighter. I rose to my feet and kissed her lips to bid farewell. Such finality I thought could only be seen in movies, and it feels I’m trapped in one. Covered her with a white linen blanket, exhaled heavily and placed her at the back of my heart.

The roses are no longer red.
There is no warmth here in my bed.
Things come running over my head.
It’s no use now for you’re already dead.
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