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Monday, October 02, 2006

Good Riddance

I licked my wounds and dried through time.
Scars left proof that you’re once mine.
Bitter taste to glance behind.
I drowned all sorrows with my cheap wine.

In my heart I always hope.
That you would change in time would cope.
How I wished that I would wake.
From these nightmare for my hearts sake.

At times I can’t help to look back then.
From happy mem’ries of our time spent.
Moments later I’m back again.
The reality is no more my friend.

And while you read a line or two.
Deep in your heart you know it’s you.
I’m screaming now these words aloud.
You smirk at this, I know you’re proud.

In spite of this I would not lie.
Feelings for you are hard to die.
And though this love was once for you.
I’ll for someone who would be true.
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