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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Seeking Katha

The calm black sea seems to lead to eternity. Flicker of light seems to be scattered like gems as it crashes its waves upon the shore. The moon heed to the request of the sea not to show itself up. Warm air enveloped my body like an embrace of life, but pawns my soul to something darker on the other side.

I came across a lady in white with hair cascading to her waist. A vision that leaped from a Mona Lisa copycat struck my mind. She held out her paper white hand for me to take.

“Alone?” she asks.
“ I invoked the soul of Katha.”
“ Katha? Goddess of mourning?”

Need her say that? No war present by these gods on my knowledge.

“ There are no gods.”
“ Mock my wisdom. Yes, you may. But my faith would never wane.”
“ The gods gave way to extinction.”
“ Making you a god.”
“ Yes.”
“ But you’re no god. Never knew you.”
“ I’m not a god. Yes. Katha is.”
“ So why the confidence to stand before me?”
“ You also claim to be a god.” She replied.
“ Placid human.”
“ Ravenous mind.”
“ A kiss of scorn you may offer some. But not for me.”
“ I forgot your wisdom is excellent.”
“ And your sarcasm is perfect.”
“ Invoking Katha?”
“ Yes.”
“ There is no god Katha.”
“ The goddess of mourning.”

She reached for a dried branch and placed it near her heart. Hurt signifies this action for gods. For a goddess like her could gain everything except shed a tear. And a being like me could ask for anything except wisdom.

“You could gain it.”
“ No I can’t.”
“ Yes, you can’t.”
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