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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rainbow on fire

This is something that I wrote during my college days. The problem is I could no longer remember the last two stanzas. It was originally a song I wrote for my band during those days. Unfortunately, a professor confiscated my notes and I never get to retrieve it. The reason for its confiscation? Nevermind.

Rainbow on fire
With all those people 'round your side
And all that anger which you can't hide
You think it's kinds tough when
You can't pull yourself through.
And now you lost hope on your life too.

Can't you see that the rainbow is on fire?
That the rainbow is on fire.
When you give up to yourself it seems
that the rainbow's on fire.

When all you think about is going away
You can't solve your problems when you go astray
When you got no one to cling on
When you feel the pain
And your life is imprisoned by your
Hurt and hate.

The rainbow on fire no man desire
The rainbow on fire feels like mire
And when the rainbow is on fire
There's you can’t help but cry.
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