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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


UntitledMy name is not important.
Nor my physique would have any bearing.
I was born crying because of the soft slap
by the doctor
It didn't hurt.
I was just scared and felt rage.
Scared of detachment from safety.
Or rage from being taken away
from my comfort zone.
Come to think of it.
Those are my first emotions.

How dear it is if I laughed instead of crying
Upon greeting the world.

I was washed by rough textured but
gentle hands by a lady I don't know.
Wrapped in white linens except for my face.
I felt confusion on why is she doing this for me.
And satisfied after.

At that short span of time,
I declare it was a roller coaster ride of emotions
I'd probably acquire in a lifetime.

Fear. Rage. Comfort. Satisfaction. Distrust.
Trust. Acceptance. Surrender. Excitement.

This might be the reason why we feel
Comfort after shedding a few tears.
This might be the reason why we feel
Lonely after leaving or being left.
This might be the reason why we feel at home
In the arms of a loved one.
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