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Monday, November 06, 2006

Mood swings

These are the days when I wake up and got nothing to say. It's not my usual self but I get this feeling that it would be appropriate for me to just zip my mouth intead of forcing myself to blurt out mindless syllables. If you only knew the effort I put myself just to smile, you'd better yet leave me alone.

Few call it mood swings. Hell, I never experienced such(probably don't admit to it, as well). I'm not a transparent person, so when I get take the ride during these moments, only a few would just notice. However, I got an excuse, they just regard it as an artist's moodiness, which I dislike.

But being in that state feels a little rewarding. Deep thoughts play in my mind, thus giving me more time to ponder about life. I get to be a better listener and observant with the environment.

I do agree–the less you talk the less mistakes. But the more mistakes we create, the more we learn in life. Quite ironic, isn't it?
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