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Thursday, August 16, 2007


On my recent blog regarding the recall of mattel products in the market, Nokia too began to recall dangerous cellphone batteries (BL-5C series) for some of their models. One of the stories is about a housewife charging her new expensive cellphone when it suddenly exploded. Quickly she took pictures and documented what happened then sent it to Nokia.
Overcharging of battery is not new to Nokia products as we consumers know. It may cause short circuit for some phones. When you overcharge a Nokia cellphone and got it damaged along the process, sure as hell your friendly neighborhood store won't replace the product (this is common in the Philippines). My hunch is that, Nokia knew it all along but didn't mind it until a case might be filed to them. Swell! Their sales could surely feed a starving third world and they can't even perform their obligations for their consumers' safety. C'mon guys admit it.

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