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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heads will roll (literally)

After the tedious unsuccessful efforts of the marines in finding kidnapped Italian priest Giancarlo Bossi, the rain began to pour, and so did bullets between the marines and presumably the AbuSayyaf. Read the full story here, msnbc story
14 soldiers were killed amongst them 10 were beheaded. It just breaks my heart realising that people could be so cruel to beheaded another human being. Can't find any reason for any person to stomach and engage to such heinous act. Is it religious?Cultural? Whatever the reasons are, it's definitely a slap on the face not only for the Philippine government but to the whole nation as well. Whoever funds and supports this group should think twice and trace back the roots on what they are fighting for. There's just no excuse in being so barbaric and inhumane.
My condolences to those who lost their loved ones in this incident. Free Fr. Giancarlo Bossi!Now!

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  At 2:54 PM Blogger Danielle said:
It's been awhile since my last visit, since I assumed that I had added you to my feed reader which I hadn't. With that rectified, I am back.
Your questions show the need to wrap our heads around this barbarism.

Terrorists, those who resort to violence, are trying to accomplish what? Is it that they feel as though they are not being heard, that they feel that the are not being respected to speak their views and are ostracized and labeled and feel they MUST resort to extreme violence to be noticed? They do accomplish this with extreme violence but there are obvious alternatives. Cultural reasons? I'm not too sure it could be linked to culture though if their methods are passed down, yes, but it "terrorism" is too new, I think for it to be cultural.
There is a difference between talking, intelligent discourse between any government and these violent extremists and negotiating. Negotiating with them has proven to fuel their movement but I don't believe simple discussions have been utilized, I may be wrong. We must continue to build love and peace in our hearts even directing it to the most violent in our society. We are mere reflections of the basic human condition, so they too are reflections of ourselves.

I have been gone for far too long and will catch up, further.

As always wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.