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Monday, July 09, 2007

Am I out of my mind?

A few recent blogs I made makes me ask the question " am I out of my mind?" Recent blogs I made were products of me being tired, angry, or in a different frame of mind from what I usually am. I'm not retracting any words from it, more so, it made me learn a few more things about myself. Something I could look back at and claim to learn something from it. With each passing day we sometimes forget to reflect on what lessons we gained in life that could help us be a better person...

Ok enough with the guru crap! See you.
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  At 3:02 PM Blogger Danielle said:
More guru crap, please.

I highly suggest everyone get out of their mind from time to time. It is good for the soul.

Oftentimes when the words flow and we look at them after they have appeared they can look foreign, as if they couldn't belong to us.

It is then, that you should take notice of the flow.

As always....