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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Soooo tired

I've spent 12-14 hours of my life this past few weeks at the office due to various events. My mind feels like a boxer beaten up by Mike Tyson at the end of each day. Whew! Occasions such as this frequently happens especially to professions such as mine( I'm a graphic designer BTW). But after seeing everything that I've done and achieved ( my banners are scattered along the business district of the country, and my logo splashed in every collateral imaginable) it's worth it. It makes me more thankful for choosing this profession where I can play and work at the same time. Aside from sex, this is one of those moments where you feel tired but satisfied at the same time. It's life and am thankful for it. So should most of us. But most of all lets not forget our faith that gives us the right direction in every decisions that we make.
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  At 2:20 PM Blogger Danielle said:
I like the analogy of the blissful post sex exhaustion and work that you love.

Be well and enjoy the day.
So did I. I think it's quite funny. Thanks for enjoying the post. BTW I enjoy yours too.